Amplifier - The Octopus   
Tour Poster & Merchandise

This is a self initiated project paying homage to excellent Manchester rockers "Amplifier" who's new album "The Octopus is due out winter 2010. Inspired by the explosive, deep sea apocalypse themed opening track which the band made available in October, I produced some artwork as a fitting advert for their fantastic new album.

I explored the possibilities of the artwork being used as tour posters and t-shirt designs, making a few mock-up variations of these.

Trying to keep with the solid block colour and grungy, screen printed textures which identifies my illustration work, "the octopus" eventually took on a look of its own, looking almost like a 3 colour lino-cut print, despite both designs originating from pen and ink drawings imported into Photoshop for "dirtying up!".

The tour poster almost takes on a deep sea scroll look, which although unintentional is quite fitting for the subject. Finished off with some irregular typography, some of it hand drawn. The Octopus image was later used in their UK tour t-shirts

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