These are three striking images inspired by sunsets from a trip to the West Coast of California. The heavily stylised illustrations combine flat tonal shapes, heavy line work and a rich blue/red/orange palette with subtle painted textures.
I am always fascinated by the Japanese woodcuts, especially those of Hiroshige and Hokusai (famous for 'the Wave' and other beautiful works). Im drawn to their rich contrasting colours and simplified details, so this is my digital homage to them!
Original line drawings on paper, are scanned and cleaned in Photoshop before layers of basic flat shapes in varied tones are built up underneath. I find I prefer to work in greyscale first so I can clearly visualise a balance of light, mid and dark tones, before bringing in textures, paint artefacts and splashes, using 'multiply' and 'screen' layer effects to create some contrasting blends.
Finally using a gradient overlay, I will add the colour. This method lets me experiment with the colour dynamic very quickly by making subtle adjustments to the gradient and I find gives a much cleaner transition blend of hues in the final image. 

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